Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Online English Tutorial Services

About the ET-NET Service Exceptionality

ET-NET (English Talk on the Net) is surely making its way to the competitive world of e-Learning. We are currently rendering tutorial service to one of the world’s largest (ranks 4th in the top 60 in the steel industry) and widely known steelmaking companies, POSCO Steel Co., Ltd.


ET-NET is enthusiastic about catering online English to corporate accounts such as POSCO Steel Co., Ltd. and SAMIL Academy Co. Employees of these corporations are highly passionate. This is why they want only the best teachers to facilitate their English classes. They are enthusiastic learners who are dedicated in studying the English language in an interesting and effective way.


Our clients deserve only the best teachers. In line with this, ET-NET has endeavored in providing our clients competent and excellent teachers, who have gained experience and education abroad. Our native speakers help students learn English the most effective way.


ET-NET is endowed with a systematized Management network program, which provides the highest technology possible to maintain stability during calls with its fast speed and noise static free connection. This administers unified time between calls thus limiting its costs and delays in restoring any system problem that might arise unexpectedly. ET-NET has the following specifications:

IPLC (International Private Leased Circuit) for guaranteed voice quality)
24 hours/100% power back up
Unified Voice Communication System
ERP System


We understand how companies struggle in keeping up during troubled times. Thus, we help companies build a better relationship with their employees through our exceptional online English service:
We personalize teacher greetings to generate good impression from employees. Upon the clients’ request, we introduce the online service by using the company’s name such as “POSCO Educational Institute”.

English lessons are customized, especially designed to suit the clients’ interest and needs. In POSCO Steel’s case, we provide the employees steelmaking lessons such as Primary Steelmaking, Continuous Casting and Desulphurization.

Customer Relations Service – students can call their teachers anytime they want. This privilege allows students interact with their teachers during their free time. This increases their exposure to the English language.

Conventional teaching vs. Modern teaching – our teachers employ teaching methods, which are appropriate and up-to-date. We continue to innovate by updating our program and lesson materials to meet the changing trends in second language acquisition. Interesting programs and additional services like Music English, English Language Games, News English and Podcasting are in the works.

We provide a Certificate of Completion after the program. Employees can enjoy both the privilege and excellence by undergoing the English training.